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human machine integration


:I > vision

:/> smart technologies as coworkers.

:/> as we move closer to a more interconnected and smart future, the need to transform technological solutions' perception in coworkers is not only helpful but necessary for companies success.

:I > mission

:/> we collaborate with companies to research and design innovative solutions to foster human/machine integration.

:/> huma:int, by designing together with companies and partners innovative solutions and paths, allows people to start reshaping their perceptions of future technologies and their relationship with them.

:/>who we are

:/> a unique blend of engineering, computer science, social studies and design skills is the core strength of our team which is kept together by the passion for innovation. 

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 we  are 

:I > what we do

:/> consulting

:/> design

:/> research

:/> teaching

:/> what we do

:I > consulting

:/> activities

:/> integrated simulations
:/> brief-action-debrief cycle
:/> complexity insiders

:/> executive education

:/> complexity compass


:/> humaint approach to consulting is to build custom learning paths together with companies based on three principles:team, debrief and complexity.

the main goal of our experiences, achieved through simulation and field observation, is to teach people how to learn continuosly in order to successfully confront complexity (both technological and organizational).


:I > design

:/> in order to visualize ideas and foster positive change in the work environment the approach used is design based.
the creation and design of artifacts allows us to move behond design thinking and user centered design and work together with our clients developing concepts that can be transformed into powerful innovation catalysts.

:/> integrated design solutions

:/> concept and vision design
:/> employer branding
:/> architecture + interior design

:/> product design



:I > research

:/> tools

:/> on-site observation
:/> action research
:/> simulation labs
:/> model generations

:/> human interaction studies
:/> virtual reality + gamification


:/> real innovation is only possible when the core effort is focused on research and development activities.
at humaint, through research projects and activities, we help our clients in building tools can be starting points for the design of meaningful concepts and visions for their companies.


:I > teaching

:/> at humaint we believe that the real challenge of our fast moving time is to learn how to learn.
our teaching activities and approaches all focuses on this concept.
through our brief-action-debrief cycle we help our clients developing their own complexity compass to explore our time knowledge.

:/> educational activities

:/> traditional teaching
:/> simulation classes
:/> design workshops

:/> virtual reality workshops


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:I > contact

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